Atlanta Artifact (Coca-Cola)

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When people hear the word “Atlanta” many things may come to mind. Some people may think of the Olympics. Others may picture the skyline. But for me, I think of the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola. No this isn’t an ad to convince you what drink product is supreme; it’s my presentation of what I feel is a significant artifact representing Atlanta. Growing up on the outskirts of the city, my mom always kept Coke in our refrigerator. (It became my favorite sweet treat in the afternoons.) I soon realized that Coke was not only a staple in my household but also in the majority of families in the Atlanta area. I feel that this is so because we find comfort in tradition and that’s what Coke is in Atlanta, a tradition. Furthermore, I feel that Coke is a fantastic artifact to represent Atlanta┬ábecause it’s all around the city. Think about it. What drink products do most Atlanta-based restaurants┬ásell? The answer is Coke. Additionally, we also have the World of Coca-Cola (a museum) ┬álocated in Pemberton Place, named after the inventor of Coke. Finally, I think it’s also important to point out that the first place of production is located on our very own campus! In summary, Coca-Cola is a soft drink that has captured the hearts of those from Atlanta and the whole world. It embodies our city to people throughout the world.

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