Atlanta Image (Municipal Market)

Municipal Market is located on the corner of Edgewood Avenue and Jesse Hill Jr Drive SE. Upon arriving, one may notice that the building is located amongst residential buildings, such as Georgia State’s Patton Hall dorming facility and the One 12 Apartments. As you continue to walk down the sidewalk you then come across pastel green doors surrounded by flowers and other decorations.   When entering the building, one may become overwhelmed by all the activity present in the building. The smell of food wafts through the air. As you let your nose lead the way, you eventually come across the iconic luminous sign that reads “Municipal Market”. It glows and reflects off the glass cases that hold various meat products and other intriguing cuisines. All around are different types of food as well as people. The building has a busy energy, similar to markets located within the boundaries of foreign countries.

(On a more personal note, my favorite snack to get at the market is called the “triple”. It’s a popcorn tossed in cheese, butter, and caramel. When I describe this combination to most people it sounds gross, but upon tasting it’s salty/sweet flavor most people quickly change their minds. I highly recommend it to everyone who plans to take a trip to Municipal Market!)

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