Summary of Revisions

To begin the revision process, I first started with correcting the grammatical errors pointed out by my peer review partner. These changes included specific word usage errors as well as words that needed to be plural. After correcting these grammatical errors, I then moved on to tackle the questions left by Dr. Wharton on my Google spreadsheet. More specifically, the central theme of these questions looked at the more unsightly parts of Atlanta’s history and questioning whether or not these mistakes should be preserved. This included adding a new section that looked at this component at each of the sites detailed previously in the analysis. Further, I also found a credible source to back up my points. After I finished crafting this particular section, I then proofread the writing and moved on to the next task. Finally, according to Dr. Warton’s feedback, I added links to each section in order to improve the reader’s experience by providing them with additional resources. (This also includes adding a link to the project description in case the user wanted to access the instructions per Dr. Wharton’s website.) All in all, the revision process enlightened me to explore new ideas and to see how the digital format can enhance the reader’s experience with the text.

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