Brainstorm Activity for BEA Presentation

Notes for Improvements

  • Provide links for additional information for usability.
  • Transitions.
  • Balance content and length.
  • The presentation should be at least 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Think about navigation.

Outline of Built Environment Analysis

  • Introduction: Run through of historical events that occurred in Atlanta.
    • Native Americans.
    • Americal Revolution.
    • Civil War.
    • Civil Rights Movement.
  • Thesis: The historical preservation of sites and buildings around Atlanta has led to rapid economic growth that shapes the city’s aesthetic and future innovations.
  • Benefits: Job creation, Individualizing communities, Contributing to the economy.
  • Disadvantages: Accommodations for those with disabilities, Private rights.
  • Example 1: Georgia State Capital.
    • Economic legislation.
    • No entry fee, but attracts people to the area.
    • An important focal piece of Atlanta’s skyline.
    • Recent innovations for handicapped.
  • Example 2: Oakland Cemetry.
    • No entry fee, but attracts people to the area.
      • Six Feet Under Restaurant.
    • Aesthetic.
    • Private vs. Public Rights.
    • MARTA.
  • Example 3: Centennial Olympic Park.
    • No entry fee, but attracts people to the area.
    • Common ground for multiple tourist attractions.
  • Conclusion: Discussion of the¬†general consensus of Atlanta.

Summary of Conservation

From the discussion, I feel that I should focus more on the advantages and disadvantages. (It seems that these points are the most thought provoking and interesting.) Since I have already began my presentation, I definitely think I need to expand this part in the slides! Maybe I can leave the dots as an introduction to what will follow and then elaborate on those points in individual slides and incorporate interesting images to accompany my ideas.

Additionally, I feel that I need to work on a smoother transition into my thesis, instead of just sticking it at the beginning of the presentation.

Mid-Term Conference Reflection

From my discussion with Dr. Wharton, I was able to get a better understanding of my progress in the class and how I can improve. More specifically, we agreed that one of the areas that I need improvement in is utilizing multi-modality in my major projects. In order to actually address this issue, I plan on incorporating different modes other than text to engage the reader, such as pictures, videos, and links. Furthermore, I plan to revise my first reading response and BED to reinforce this skill and earn class participation points. Additionally, we also discussed my current reading response, which I found to be very helpful and reassuring. Going along with this theme, I was also reassured of the points I have earned so far in the class. According to Dr. Wharton, our upcoming projects are going to be major values, which makes me feel a little anxious. Overall, I really enjoyed my conference and left with a feeling of renewed confidence in my past work and a motivation to perform even better on the upcoming assignments. One question I forgot to ask is what is the glossary option for points? I didn’t seem to catch what that entails at the beginning of the semester.

Thank you so much, Dr. Wharton.