Class Notes for Week Four

Reading Response:

  • Need a summary of at least one supplemental article (2-3 paragraphs).
  • Not all annotations have to relate to the supplemental article, although there needs to be an effort to draw lines.
  • Annotations are critical readings.
    • This means not taking the text at face value.
    • Maybe, highlight the tensions, questions, critics.
    • Provide a little summary to improve reader’s comprehension.
  • Goal: Use a tool to produce something while reading (formulating an effective response for what we read).
  • When submitting the link use the three hashtags (#jmjrr1, #partingways, #atlsprs17).
  • Can create group if you don’t want your annotations to be open to the public (send email to Wharton to add her to the group).
  • Also can add a page note for the summaries of supplemental articles.

Built Environment Descriptions:

  • Look at the Google Doc for sites. (Add name to desired location.)
  • Focus on one aspect (i.e. sight or sound).
  • Needs to be at least 300-350 words.