Class Notes for Week Three


  • Look on the emailed spreadsheet for updated grades and rubric/feedback on projects.
  • Additionally, you can leave comments for Dr. Wharton and receive¬†extra credit points.
  • Students need to start using categories on their posts. (To do this locate the box that says category. Then, click “Add New Category”. Make sure the new category is checked and post your blog!)
  • In addition to categories, tags can be used for a more detailed description of what the blog contains. (Remember the example of the picture at the Women’s March.)
  • Password for protected readings is ATLSPRs17. (Discussion on readings next week.)

Reading Response Notes:

  • Need ten annotations made on¬†; one of which needs to be a summary of your supplemental reading.
  • These annotations will become your reading response.
  • Use the hashtag #atlsprs17 in annotations (can also use a personal hashtag for locating your own).
  • Annotations due Monday, January 30th.
  • Ideas for Annotations (suggested by Dr. Wharton):
    1. Questions you may have.
    2. Difficult words.
    3. Problems with the reading.
    4. This quote makes me think of this…
    5. How the reading relates to other learning.
    6. Connections with pictures.
    7. Take conclusions to the logical extreme.
    8. History based on generalizations?