Class Notes for Week Eight

Built Environment Description Notes:

  • Make sure it is broken up into readable paragraphs.
  • Go beyond just describing what kind of evidence was there, to actually detailing what was found there. (Be super descriptive.)
  • Make sure there is a clear focus on a detail. For example, color, people, etc.
  • Additionally, make sure there is a clear distinction between objective and subjective. The objective is from the perspective of ANYONE that would go to your space at that time. On the other hand, is your perspective and what details were specific to you and your thoughts.
  • Need to try to balance between pictures and text. (A picture isn’t always worth a thousand words.)
  • Need to think about accessibility. Maybe include rich descriptions, for those that are visually impaired. (There are all kinds of different visual impairments, such as colorblindness.)
  • Using the text to emphasize what you want the reader to focus on in the image.
  • Need to be written from the public forum.
  • Think about how your title may affect the reader’s response.
  • For revisions, revise based on the feedback and then reflect on what you did and why in a blog post. (If you get no points just resubmit.)


  • Two components: online “in the cloud” or offline a plugin you can use for words
  • First, create an account and then log in.
  • Using Zotero you can access the sources from the GSU library from your personal files.
  • If you have the tools, you can save the actual resource using “coins”. After this, it will save it to the library.
  • You can drag the source into your word document and it will give you the correct bibliography with any format. (Makes it really easy to generate a work cited page.

Annotated Bibliography

  • Two components: citation (the source) and then the paragraph (why you’re using it (justification), summary).
  • Make sure you are specific in your summaries and not just generalizing information. Next, justify why you are using this source. It may also be a good idea to note biases that may be present, if necessary. Also, explain how this relates to your other sources.
  • First one has only 5 entries.
  • The next one is the 5 plus an additional 5.
  • Look at her website for detailed description of the project.
  • Brainstorming Ideas
    • How has the rapid growth of the city infringed on the organization and historical preservation of sites throughout Atlanta?
      • Oakland Cemetary (Relate to Parting Ways)
      • Pemberton House
      • Destruction and Construction
      • Scattered downtown (business vs. residential)
  • Create a new post entitled “Annotated Bibliography”.

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