Class Notes for Week Nine

  • First, annotated bibliography is due Friday by midnight.
  • Read Unit 3 Readings (go ahead and do a reading response for bonus points.)
  • You can include pictures for points in multi-modality.
  • You can use up to two entries for the annotated bibliography.
  • Live Assistance: chat with a professional about how to do certain reference related things (only open for certain hours)
  • There are subject librarians assigned to every subject offered at GSU
  • Subject Librarians create research guides.
    • Click on “Research Guides” tab.
    • Click dropdown to English.
    • Click “Freshman English” for help with this class.
  • If you click on the icon it will bring you back to the homepage.
  • CARP (Used to evaluate sources). When writting look at…
    • Currency
    • Authority
    • Reliability
    • Purpose
  • Evaluating information is so crucial, because everyone will use this skill no matter their career or where life takes them.
  • Popular magazines are what you would find on a newsstand. Are written for the general public, so usually leave out jargon.
  • Scholarly articles require prerequisite knowledge and are peer reviewed.
  • Catalog is a database that shows what the GSU library owns.
  • Try to use the advanced search option to be more descriptive.
  • Try to narrow or expand to get 20 resulting sources.
    • Look at searches may help provide ideas.
  • Each item has a specific call number (sort of like an address). Always copy the entire number!
  • When you see a period it’s actually a decimal. (Use logical-mathematical skills.)
  • Can check them out at other libraries with your panther card.

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