Atlanta Image (Crosswalks)

Atlanta is known for many things: diversity, Sweet Auburn Market, Georgia State University, the Braves, skyscrapers, and Centennial Park. All of these are central to Atlanta’s identity, however, the first thing I think of when reflecting on my time spent downtown is crosswalks. Love them or hate them, they are central to Atlanta’s easily accessible appeal.

The experience of a downtown crosswalk is elusive to describe, but relatively enjoyable if you have the right perspective. I believe standing at a crosswalk gives you time to stop, breath, and take in the beautiful scenery of our city. While pausing it is likely that cars, trucks, and buses will zoom past you at an alarmingly close rate, but this is quite the norm. You smell car exhaust, Chinese food from the restaurant across the street, and the general, unplaceable smell of the city. You may hear a loud chirping to indicate who’s turn it is for the blind and people chatting in the street. Finally, you see the white man flash on the sign across the street, allowing you to continue your journey exploring downtown Atlanta.

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