Reorganization of Blog

When I first read our task for this week I was very excited! I was definitely feeling the need to reorganize my blog for a while now and this assignment gave me the motivation to do so.

The first thing I did was to check to make sure all of my posts were appropriately named and categorized. For example, I decided to rename one of my “Atlanta Images” to better match the format of my other post’s titles. Additionally, I had forgotten to categorize a few of my posts, so I went back and added categories to them. Further, I also wanted to check and make sure all my category names were correct with Dr. Wharton’s website. Once this objective was completed, I moved on to my next task which was creating pages to organize the individual posts.

More specifically, I wanted to try to make it easier for my peers and Dr. Wharton to navigate my website. In order to do this, I created individual pages with the titles: “About Me”, “Atlanta Artifacts and Images”, “Built Environment Descriptions”, “Class Notes”, “Reading Responses”, and “Miscellaneous”. I then created pages with the individual posts and linked them to the parent categories listed above. (That way the viewer could access them under the drop-down menu.) Also, I numbered the posts so that they would show up in the correct order on the drop-down menu. Another addition I made that I thought would be somewhat helpful for the students was including the link to Dr. Wharton’s project descriptions and requirements.

Overall, I believe that this is a start on optimizing the capacity of my blog. I plan to one day in the very near future arrange a meeting with Dr. Wharton and discuss what I can do to further improve my website’s visual as well as functional appearance.