Class Work: Looking at BEA (Thesis)

In this class so far I have visited two sites: Oakland Cemetary and the Georgia State Capital. Around Atlanta, I have also obviously explored the Georgia State University Campus as well as Sweet Auburn Market, the Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Olympic Park, and the general downtown district. Furthermore, I have also completed readings on historical preservation, campus spaces, and gender anxiety. Finally, our class also participated in creating annotated bibliographies, in which I discussed how historical preservation contributes to economic development.

So how does this relate to the BEA? Using this knowledge I will be able to assess different spaces and create an argument to present to the class. Although instead of using my previous question and cites, I have decided to take a new direction: looking at Atlanta through the lens of gender.

Thesis: Through the emphasis of gender stereotypic norms, Atlanta is divided through the spaces meant for men and women.

List of Spaces: Municipal Market

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